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SIRUI 18-WA-CPL Polarising Filter for 18-WA Wide Angle Lens

SIRUI simply better.

  • £1999

Smartphone photography on another level

Do you want to take top-quality photos with your smartphone? Then you need the lenses produced by SIRUI.

The 18-WA-CPL polarising filter makes a useful addition to the 18-WA wide angle lens. In particular, your landscape shots will become more dramatic and detailed.

What is the SIRUI 18-WA-CPL?
A circular polarising filter for the SIRUI 18-WA Wide Angle Lens.

What can the SIRUI 18-WA-CPL do?
The polarising filter provides you with unbeatably strong colours, especially for landscape photos. The sky becomes a dramatic blue, the green of plants becomes bright and detailed. Another great feature of the polarising filter is that it reduces or blocks reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as glass or water. Looking through a shop window or into a lake is now possible and offers an entirely new perspective for your photos.

How do I use the SIRUI 18-WA-CPL?
The filter is attached to the SIRUI 18-WA wide angle lens. The filter can be twisted. When you have selected your subject, simply rotate the filter until the desired effect is seen. You will be able to elevate your landscapes to a whole new level with just a few movements.

What do I need?
- SIRUI 18-WA Wide Angle Lens

- High-quality German-produced Schott glass
- Mult-layer nano-coatings prevent reflections and ensure high light transmission
- Neutral colour reproduction - reduces UV radiation
- Front diameter: 43mm
- Height: 9mm
- Weight: 44g

SIRUI 18-WA Wide Angle Lens (supplied separately)

1x SIRUI 18-WA-CPL Polarising Filter
*SIRUI 18-WA Lens not included

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