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SIRUI 60-SA Smartphone Portrait 60mm Lens with Clip

SIRUI simply better.

  • £6999

Smartphone photography at a new level

Are you seeking first class and professional photos? Even with your smartphone? Then SIRUI’s lens system is exactly what you need.

SIRUI smartphone lenses take smartphone photography to a whole new level and exceed the demands of today’s smartphone photographers. Professionals do not use all-in-one lenses, they use fixed focal lengths, because they produce better images.

And SIRUI has the right lens with the right focal length for every situation. Of course, SIRUI’s lens systems also convince when it comes to filming. Smartphone photography means: high quality and professional recording on your smartphone.

Our lens attachments are composed of multiple lenses, manufactured from German Schott glass. They have multiple coatings, including anti-reflection coatings. This minimises reflections and increases light transmission. The lenses guarantee accurate colour reproduction and are characterised by low distortion and vignetting. High quality image accuracy up to the edge is guaranteed.

What is the SIRUI 60-SA?
A portrait or telephoto lens. Thanks to its shallow depth of field, it produces the bokeh that photographers love in the background.

What can the SIRUI 60-SA do?
With its 40° field of view, the 60-SA is a small telephoto lens. It brings distant objects closer. Its shallow depth of field makes it ideal as a portrait lens. The construction of the 60-SA includes a lens hood.

How do I use the SIRUI 60-SA?
The lens is screwed into the supplied Smartphone Clip and then attached to the phone. The inside of the clamp features a soft rubber lining so that the smartphone is not scratched and the lens does not slip.

Technical Data
- Front diameter: 38mm
- Height: 30.6mm
- Weight: 60g
- Field of view: 40°
- Focal length: 60mm (equivalent to full format)
- Mount: SIRUI E-Bayonet
- Construction: 6 lenses in 4 group
- Optical distortion: 1,2%
- Resolution: 500LP/mm
- Working temperature: -20°C to +50°C

SIRUI Smartphone Clip

1x SIRUI 60-SA Lens
1x SIRUI Smartphone Clip
1x Front lens cover
*iPhone and adapter not included

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