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SIRUI R-1204 Reporter - Studio Tripod Carbon - R Series

SIRUI simply better.

  • £25999

SIRUI stable tripod for the studio - with bag

This SIRUI tripod combines low weight with a compact design. It is easy to handle in any situation and provides your camera with a secure support.

The tripod has 2 leg ratchet positions, making it particularly secure. It is designed especially for studio use and for working with large cameras. A spirit level located on the shoulder allows the tripod to be precisely aligned. Each leg is made of 4 sections with 3 sealed twist locks. The rubber feet ensure the tripod is steady on all surfaces.

A stabilising hook on the centre column is a SIRUI standard as are the two cold weather grips and the transport bag. The bag strap can also be used as a tripod strap.

• 8-layer carbon fibre in 4 sections
• Reversible centre column with locking wing nut
• Reversible 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch screw for tripod heads or camera
• Locking screw for head
• Spirit level
• Sealed twist locks for secure support
• Stabilising hook and cold weather grip
• 2 leg ratchet positions

• Weight: 0.95kg
• Max. load: 10kg
• Height: 38 - 159.5cm
• Closed size: 51cm
• Tube diameter: 16 - 25mm

1x SIRUI R-1204 tripod carbon fibre
1x Transport bag with strap

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