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SIRUI G-10X Ball Head (88mm height) Aluminium - GX Series

SIRUI simply better.

  • £8999

Highly precise and durable

The G-10X ball head functions accurately, smoothly and softly. With a load capacity of up to 18kg, it has a firm grip on your camera.

The base can be rotated by 360°, ideal for panoramic shots. The friction and motion of the head can be continuously adapted. The Safety Lock System prevents quick release plates from slipping.

The release plate mount is compatible with the Arca Swiss system and allows various plates to be used.

The GX version has full metal knobs for better usability. The release plate has a rubber surface and is fitted with three slots in each of which the 1/4" screw can be used, as well as a fourth slot to allow a wrist strap to be fitted.

The head has two spirit levels - one on the edge of the quick release base and one on the plate lock button. The 360° scale facilitates accurate adjustment of the head, when taking panoramic shots, for example.

• Material: Aluminium
• 360° panorama function
• Infinitely variable friction control
• Rubber-covered quick release plate with 1/4" stainless steel screw and wrist strap slot
• Head with 3/8" thread
• Security Pin - prevents plate from slipping
• Vertical slot - 2 spirit levels
• Arca-Swiss compatible
• Release plate size: 50x54mm
• Max. load: 18kg
• Release plate diameter: 43mm
• Height: 88mm
• Weight: 300g

Tripods with 3/8" thread
Arca Swiss quick release system

1x SIRUI G-10X black ball head
1x SIRUI TY-50X quick release plate

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