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SIRUI 3in1 Cleaning Kit – Brush and Bellows

SIRUI 3in1 Cleaning Kit – Brush and Bellows

SIRUI simply better.

  • £1499

For cleaning camera and lens

The 3 in 1 cleaning kit consists of a cleaning brush and a blower.

One end of the cleaning brush has a soft-bristled brush and the other has a soft cleaning pad with active charcoal. This will remove fingerprints and marks. Simply rub in a circular motion on the surface to be cleaned.
WARNING: Before using the cleaning pad, remove any dust or loose particles with the brush or blower in order to avoid scratches.
Thanks to its compact size and the practical clip it will fit into any camera bag and is always to hand. The lens pen gently cleans lenses, displays, camera housings, etc. and leaves no chemical residue.

The Blower can be used in any situation where accurate cleaning is required, e.g., for cleaning the viewfinder, mirrors, contacts or small gaps. A valve at the back regulates the air supply. This means that dust lifted off the surface is not blown back onto it.

• Brush dimension (LxW): 12 x 1.7cm
• Soft brush - soft cleaning pad with active charcoal
• Cleans with no chemicals - gently and softly

• Blower diameter: 5cm
• Lightweight pump - powerful air stream
• Metal tip with rubber body

1x SIRUI 2 in 1 cleaning brush - 12cm
1x SIRUI Blower ø5cm

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