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SIRUI BS-14 Screw 1/4" for SIRUI Quick Release Plates

SIRUI simply better.

  • £499

Replacement screw for SIRUI Quick Release Plates

The 1/4" screw secures the release plate to the camera or lens. The hinged bracket allows the screw to be tightened.

• Material: Metal
• With hinged bracket for tightening
• Diameter with bracket: 20mm
• Height: 11mm
• Weight: 6g

SIRUI TY-50, TY-50E, TY-60, TY-70, TY-70S quick release plates and centre slots on the TY-50X, TY-60X, TY-70X

Not compatible with TY-C10 (C-10S, C-10X head)

1x SIRUI BS-14 bracketed screw 1/4"
*Release plate not included

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