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SIRUI BCT-3003 Broadcast - Tripod Aluminium - BCT Series

SIRUI simply better.

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Steady support - reliable - SIRUI

Light weight combined with high stability are just two of the outstanding features of the BCT-3003 from SIRUI. It has been specially developed for large video cameras and camcorders and can support weights of up to 18kg.

The double tube legs, double spikes, adjustable spreader and extremely comfortable middle spreader make this tripod indispensable for professional video recording. The tripod spreaders are removable, can be individually adjusted and increase the stability of the tripod. When working without the spreader and on soft surfaces, the double spikes can be covered with rubber feet. The large screw heads are particularly useful.

The tubes are made of high quality aluminium (black anodized)

• Aluminium in 3 sections
• Solidly constructed 100mm levelling half bowl
• Double tube legs with large screw heads
• Free moving legs with no ratchets - legs can be locked using tripod spreader
• Adjustable tripod spreader - rubber floor spreader
• Double spikes or rubber feet for solid grip on the grid

Head connection: 100mm half bowl
Sections: 3
Height: 44.5 - 160cm
Closed size: 75cm
Tube diameter: 19 - 25mm
Weight: 5.0kg
Max. load: 18kg

Video heads with 100mm half ball (e.g. SIRUI BCH-30)
100mm levelling half ball (e.g. SIRUI RX-100B)

1x SIRUI BCT-3003 aluminium video tripod
2x tripod spreader
3x rubber feet
1x transport bag with strap

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