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SIRUI P-324S Multifunction - Monopod Carbon with VH-10 Video Head - PS-Series

SIRUI simply better.

  • £38999

SIRUI monopod for videographers and photographers with Fluid Head

The SIRUI P-324S monopod is lightweight, extremely compact and ideal to use. Especially for photographers, it offers a real alternative to larger tripods.

The monopod also has a spreader with integrated stabilising feet. The spreader can be detached and used as a floor or table tripod. The monopod can also be used without the spreader, for which purpose it is supplied with a rubber foot and twist-out metal spike. The 4 sections can be fixed using twist locks to ensure secure support.

A 360° system ensures smooth and soft movement and panning. The ball joint allows it to tilt by up to 20° in all directions. A wrist strap is a SIRUI standard as is a cold weather grip made from soft and grippy foam rubber. The P-324S monopod is made from 10 layer carbon fibre.

Including VH-10 Video Head
With a maximum load of 6kg, this fluid-damped video tilt head is designed for DSLR and system cameras and small camcorders. The sophisticated fluid-damped system allows smooth, quiet and above all vibration-free camera use.

The head operates exceptionally smoothly and can be precisely adjusted. It is intuitive to operate and direct. The pan movement can be locked. The Safety Lock System prevents the release plate from accidentally slipping.

Features P-324S
- 10-layer carbon fibre in 4 sections
- 360° panning system for smooth movement and panning
- Ball joint for 20° tilting on all sides
- 3 folding aluminium and rubber feet
- Sealed twist locks for secure support
- Comfortable wrist strap and soft cold weather grip
- Reversible 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch screw for tripod heads or camera
- Completely removable spreader - can be used as a floor or table tripod

Technical specifications P-324S
- Height: 74.5-175.5cm
- Tube diameter: 22-32mm
- Tilt angle: ca. 20° on all sides
- Length of feet: 23cm
- Weight: 1.45kg
- Max. load: 10kg
- Material: 8x carbon fibre

Features VH-10
- Sophisticated fluid damping system allows vibration-free use
- Safety Lock System - prevents the plate from accidentally slipping
- 360° panorama panning
- 2 spirit levels
- Rubber covered handle, adjustable length from 30 to 47cm
- Sliding release plate (90mm) with 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch thread
- Quick release plate is Arca-Swiss compatible
- Tripod connection: 3/8" thread

Technical specifications VH-10
- Tilt: -60° to +90°
- Counterweight: 2kg
- Quick release plate slide: 70mm
- Base plate diameter: 65mm
- Material: Aluminium
- Max. load: 6kg
- Size LxWxH (with handle): 93 (370) x 145 x 96mm
- Weigth: 920g

1x SIRUI P-324S/P-324SR monopod with spreader
1x Spike
1x Transport bag with strap (monopod)
1x SIRUI VH-10 fluid video head
1x Quick release plate VP-90
1x Transport bag (head)

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