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SIRUI Ultra Slim S-Pro Nano MC ND1000 Grey Filter 77mm

SIRUI simply better.

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SIRUI Grey Filter - prevents over-exposure, for effective photos

Grey Filter/Neutral Density Filter
The SIRUI Ultra Slim S-Pro Nano MC ND Filter reduces the quantity of light without altering the colours or contrast levels in the image. For long exposures during daylight, it is indispensable. If you want wiping or flowing effects, such as with running water, a slow shutter speed is required. Without a SIRUI grey filter, this would result in an over-exposed image. Neutral density filters are also suitable for working with an open shutter to produce low field depth. The increased light transmission would be compensated for by the filter.

ND1000 / ND 3.0
The SIRUI ND1000 Filter has a neutral density of ND 3.0. This corresponds to a 1000 (or 1024) times focal length or 10 f-stops.

Multicoated (MC)
The 4-layer protective coating is anti-static, water- and oil-repellent as well as being highly resistant to scratches and dirt.

Nano Colour Reduction
The 2-layer nano coating reduces colour fringing and ensures accurate colour reproduction.

1.5mm slim German glass
The German-produced B270 Schott glass has a 22-layer nano grey film for even light reduction and light transmission of 0.098% as well as reducing reflections.

Ultra Slim Aluminium Fixing
The high quality aluminium ring is just 2.8mm thick (visible), meaning that there is no vignetting, even with angle lenses over 16mm focal length. The smooth-running thread ensures that the filter is securely mounted.

Features & Data
- Reduces the amount of light for long daytime exposures
- Protects the lens from external influences
- High quality German-produced B270 Schott glass
- 1.5mm thick glass - 2.8mm visible metal frame - ideal for wide angle lenses
- Step-up adaptor: Larger front thread for attaching additional filters, sun visors, etc.
- Multicoated - 4-layer multicoating
- Nano colour reduction - 2 layers
- Nano anti-reflection grey film coating - 22-layer
- ND1000 / ND3.0 - covers 10 f-stops - 1000 times focal length
- Material: aluminium, glass
- Filter thread: 77mm

The required filter size depends on the lens diameter (filter thread). Please check the diameter before your order.

Lenses with 77mm filter thread

1x SIRUI Ultra Slim S-Pro Nano MC ND1000 Grey Filter 77mm
1x SIRUI 82mm Filter Cap
*Lens is not included

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