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SIRUI RGND16 (1.2) Square Reverse Graduated Grey Filter 100x150mm (4 Stops)

SIRUI simply better.

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The world seen anew with SIRUI grey filters

What is the REVERSE graduated filter?
SIRUI reverse graduated grey filters have a hard grey gradient to the filter centre and a soft grey gradient to the top edge of the filter. This means the grey part of the filter darkens the image. This is especially useful if the conditions have significant differences in brightness. The high quality SIRUI square filters are made of German Schott glass B270® and come in a padded pouch.

Why do you need a reverse graduated filter?
An inverted (reverse) graduated filter is perfect for subjects with a bright centre of the image (e.g. sunsets or sunrises). The result is impressive images with properly exposed light and dark areas.

The filters can be combined in the filter holder, resulting in astounding long exposures and breath-taking landscape shots.

Materials and manufacture
The high quality of SIRUI filters begins with the material: they are manufactured from German Schott glass. The glass is fire-polished, ensuring a perfect optical surface. This process also makes the glass extremely robust and resilient. Rounded corners and polished edges make the glass shatter-proof. This also makes it easier to insert the filter into the holder. The precise manufacturing meets the highest standards. Accurate measurement procedures and strict quality control ensure consistent quality of the filters.

2mm thick German Schott glass
• Highly translucent
• Distortion-free image across the whole filter surface
• Solar stability (does not change when exposed to solar radiation)
• High chemical resistance
• Fire-polished for a perfect optical surface
• Extremely robust and resilient

Coating and protection
Ultra slim multiple nano-coating on both sides
• Maximum light transmission
• Linear and full-surface reflection reduction
• Accurate colour reproduction and colour fidelity

Exclusive grey film coating on both sides
• Perfectly linear light reduction from filter edge to filter edge
• Uniform darkening with stable colour cast and contrast stability

Additional protective film on both sides
• Water-, grease- and dust-repellent
• Scratch-resistant
• Anti-static
• Easy to clean

Features and specifications
- RGND16 (1.2) | 4 stops | covers 4 f-stops | lengthening factor 16x
- Reduces the amount of light for a part of the image
- Reverse gradient from dark to light
- Grey film and nano coating on both sides
- Additional protection film on both sides
- Rounded corners and polished edges
- Material: optical 2mm Schott glass manufactured in Germany
- Dimensions: 100 x 150mm

For using the filter the SIRUI NDH001 square filter holder system 100mm is needed.

Filter holder systems for 100mm filters

1x SIRUI RGND16 (1.2) Square Reverse Graduated Grey Filter 100x150mm (4 stops)
1x padded bag

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